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Leading in a world of business agility and digital transformation is challenging. We can help equip you with practical leadership and business skills to successfully guide your team.

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Advancing your career with practical workplace leadership and business skills.

Do you feel uncomfortable on how to lead your team through the current economic and business turmoil? Our program teaches mid to senior managers and team leaders the core skills that will allow you to lead your team, and your career, to the next level.


Its is not so difficult to acquire the necessary business and leadership skills. Don’t allow your progress to happen by chance, but rather, take action yourself to move it forward!

Elevate Your Career

Premium Program

An online program with dive-deep topics, plus personal business coaching by internationally accredited business coaches.

An online program with many dive-deep topics, plus personal business coaching (between 8 and 10 personalised sessions) by internationally accredited business coaches.

You also get lifetime access to the online program covering all existing and new modules over 3 learning areas: Leadership and Self-awareness, Leadership and Achieving Business Goals and Practical Leadership for Workplace Success. This include “How-to” tools such as the BTLS Business Thinking and Leadership Styles Profile, and optional bonus participation in a global business simulation. Special Dive-Deep topics discussions and the private Slack Discussion Forum.

The program is self-paced.

Program Structure

In order to improve your leadership skills for workplace success, you have to acquire skills in three key areas: Developing a high level of self-awareness, developing advanced business acumen to achieve business goals, and to develop practical leadership skills in the workplace. We have compiled a carefully designed program that cover all three these key areas.

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Key Program Outcomes

The Achieve-Your-Own-Future program was carefully designed for driven individuals and self-achievers that want to become great leaders, and move their careers forward.

Achieve-Your-Own-Future will help you:


  • Improve your workplace performance and thereby enhancing your leadership skills
  • Ready yourself for the future – understand the changing work environment and adjust yourself ahead of the curve
  • Prepare to position yourself for growth within a world of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Build your confidence in business – interact comfortably with your leaders, with your colleagues or peers and, of course, with your team
  • Become a well-rounded and confident leader
  • Become successful as a person
  • Become a positive and inspirational leader.
  • Improve your own self-worth and achieve your full potential

Module A: Leadership and Self-Awareness

Lesson 1: Understand my personal thinking preferences

Lesson 2: Understand how I communicate?

Lesson 3: Understanding my leadership style

Module B: Leadership and Achieving Business Goals

Lesson 4: Developing a Bigger picture orientation

Lesson 5: Developing Financial Acumen

Lesson 6: Do everything as mini-projects!

Lesson 7: Developing a performance orientation

Lesson 8: Developing business agility

Module C: Practical Leadership for Workplace Success

Lesson 9: Leading with inner agility

Lesson 10: How to promote your own career

Lesson 11: Bonus Module: Practical application – let us pull it all together with the ComSIM Integrated Business Simulation

“I found this program hugely empowering and beneficial … yes, it certainly was very helpful.”

Amy B. was promoted out of turn to Regional Manager.

Regional Manager

Regional Manager, FMCG Retail

“You don’t always realise the importance of business acumen until you see it in the context of your career advancement. I have heard about agility but never really understood it. I actually loved this course and will now make sure that I not only apply it, but keep on learning!”

John S.

Network Distribution Engineer, Commercial Banking

My journey is ongoing! I have learnt the importance of expanding my skills and to become more than I was a year ago. All my hard work has been rewarded with a senior management position much sooner than I have anticipated! Thank you for empowering me!

Karen Scholtz

General Manager: Operations, Health Insurance

“I not only wanted to enhance my career prospects with better business skills, but my store’s profitability has improved by 25% in a single year. My regional manager has taken note of what I do as a best practice for other stores! Thank you!”

Sandra L.

Retail Manager, Fashion Clothing

Develop Self-awareness

Key learnings: The importance of self- awareness, How to develop self- awareness, your personal preferences, Your personal BTLS profile, Your communication style, Your leadership style

Develop Advanced Business Skills to Achieve Business Goals

Key learnings: The relevance and importance of business acumen, Bigger picture orientation, Financial acumen, Performance orientation, Project management and Business agility

Develop Agile Leadership for Workplace Success

Key learnings: Traditional leadership vs agile leadership, Understanding modern leadership requirements, Understanding self-directed teams, How to position yourself as a modern leader, Building trust.

When last did you improve a professional leadership skill that has helped your team to excel?


The online Achieve-Your-Own-Future program is a exciting new program launched on the backbone of 28 years of leadership and business acumen consulting. Read what participants of the face-to-face workshop version of this program said after attending:

Meet Your Leadership Coach

I am Dr Christiaan Mostert and I will host the Achieve-Your-Own-Future program. I have a doctorate degree in economics and I also have an MBA degree in business strategy and leadership.

I have been an independent business consultant for the past 25 years and have trained over 10,000 managers on four continents and in 23 countries.

I am a training and career specialist in integrated business acumen skills and practical leadership. I am also a professional neuroscience business coach and have a passion for empowering others. I will love to share my knowledge and experience to help you succeed in the workplace!  My promise to you, is to help empower you!

Dr Christiaan Mostert (PhD, MBA)

We know from extensive experience that neuroscience based business coaching delivers excellent results in this field. All our business coaches are registered professionals.

Online Program Content


Does the completion of this course lead to a qualification?

No, it is a short course aimed at self-development and to help you in a practical manner to become successful in your workplace in order to move your career forward. 


Is a qualification not better to invest in?

Well, it depends – if you need a formal qualification, then do it. However, the aim of this Achieve-Your-Own-Future course is to empower you in a practical manner and at multiple levels – self-insight, business skills and leadership skills – all of these are supporting business skills to become successful in your workplace. It is unlikely that you will find such an integrated course in a single qualification. These skills are not taught in even MBA’s, which come at huge expense and time (2 years+). Further, this course is squarely aimed at a practical experience and with toolsets that will help you become a successful person at work. If a qualification is important to you, rather enlist at an accredited institution, University or College.

Can I do this at home?

Absolutely! Modules were designed to be in 45 minutes to one hour format, which is broken down into 5 to 10-minute sections. This makes it easy to do it at home. You will need an internet connection with just average bandwidth to download webinars and podcasts. We have purposefully designed these to use as little bandwidth as possible.

How many modules do the course consist of?

The course is divided into three primary blocks and with ten (10) modules in total covering these three blocks. There is also an exciting bonus module for you!

What makes the program unique?

Lots of things! Firstly, our approach is to help you improve your leadership through solid business results (rather than trying to “look good”).

Our focus is to improve your practical skills sets to improve your workplace leadership – for yourself and for your organisation. Secondly, we include the BTLS Business Thinking Styles module which focuses on your personal preferences and strengths, and thirdly, we round off the program with the powerful and practical ComSIM Business Simulation – a great way to learn further and to apply your learnings from the modules.

Lastly, Dr Christiaan is a world expert in experiential learning and with a solid business foundation, has only one thing in mind: “to empower my participants to achieve things that they have never thought to be possible before”.

How long is the average module and how long will it take to complete?

Each module consists of primary or standard content, which will typically take between 45 minutes and to 1.5 hours in total for each module. All the modules have been designed in such a way that we split the modules into smaller “chunks”. It will typically take between 1 to 3 evenings to cover each module.

The Professional and Premium programs also have optional “Dig Deeper” content which will consist of additional podcasts/webinars/videos, discussion forums and applicable articles/reading materials to help you immerse yourself in the content. “Dig Deeper” is completely optional but will expand your knowledge an understanding of the topic exponentially!

What is “Dig Deeper”

The Professional and Premium program have optional “Dig Deeper” content which will consist of additional downloads/podcasts/webinars/videos, discussion forums and applicable articles/reading materials to help you immerse yourself in the content.

We stay on top of these things and will gladly discuss it with our students to better understand these topics.


Dig Deeper” is optional but will expand your knowledge an understanding of the topic exponentially!

Can I skip modules if I am familiar with the content?

Yes, but, even If you are familiar with modules then we will still encourage you to go through them to ensure that we are all on the same page. Remember, we include the latest knowledge and new developments into the modules, so be careful not to assume that you are familiar with these latest developments.

Will I have access to guidance or coaching?

One of Dr Christiaan’s personal philosophies is that “empowerment underlies personal success” – if he can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact him for advice.

The Premium Program includes business coaching as standard. Business coaching is a powerful way to check your progress and understanding of the topics with a professional.

Another great benefit of business coaching is that it will empower you to develop yourself, but with accountability. Furthermore, with the help of the business coach, a personal implementation path for yourself will also be developed.

How many personal coaching sessions are in the Premium Program?

There are between eight and ten coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each. The cost for these is included in the program fee. Our coaching sessions have a structured approach that will guide you through the growth process. It is hugely empowering.

Which type of business coaches do we use in the Premium Program?

We know from experience that neuroscience-based business coaching delivers excellent results in this field. All our business coaches are registered professionals and experienced in career advancement.

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